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Boost Your Career in Luxury with ESSEC Executive Education

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Do you work or want to work in the luxury business? ESSEC Executive Education, which ranks 5th in the Financial Times Executive Education 2020 worldwide ranking, delivers many programs on that sector. And ESSEC Alumni’s lifetime members (click here to become one) get a 20 % discount! 

ESSEC Executive Education has had a world-renowned expertise in luxury business for 25 years now, as reminded in this great article about our alumni thriving at the top of prestigious households such as Cartier and L’Oréal. Don’t miss out on the following opportunities to boost your career in that sector!

“Opportunities for luxury brands post COVID-19” Online Masterclass (1 hour)

Join as a guest ESSEC Global MBA’s Online Masterclass with Professor Denis Morisset (E79) on the impact of COVID-19 on the purchasing behavior of the luxury clients, especially the Gen Y & Z and the Chinese, and the perspectives offered by live-streaming, which has exploded ever since the pandemic began. 

Date: 30 September 2020 from 1pm to 2pm (UTC-4, NYC Time)

More information on the masterclass and fees at

‘The Business of Luxury’ Advanced Management Program (5 days)

ESSEC Executive Education's Advanced Management Program ‘The Business of Luxury’ is a short, high-impact introduction to the “dream factor” management. Participants will understand how to translate this notion into brand identity and marketing strategies, focusing on the luxury markets in Paris, Hong Kong, Geneva and New York, while interacting with top industry players and academics. 

Next session: 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 November 2020

More information on the program, terms of enrolment and fees at

“EMiLUX” Executive Master in Luxury and Design Innovation Management (7 weeks over 1 year) 

ESSEC Executive Education's Executive Master in Luxury Management and Design Innovation (EMiLUX) is a 12-month modular executive program delivered in 7 cities around the world (Paris, Singapore, New York, Shanghai, Geneva, Rome and Florence). An international cadre of artists, celebrated designers, and industry leaders will guide participants in each city through immersive, multisensory experiences and behind-the-scenes industry visits designed to inspire, provoke, and deliver practical insights into the trends fueling innovation in today's luxury market. With its executive-friendly format and cultural diversity, EMiLUX offers a life-changing experience. 

Next session: 

- Part 1 – Foundations of Luxury – Paris – 5-10 October 2020

- Part 2 – Global Strategy & Value Innovation – Singapore – 7-12 December 2020

- Part 3 - Fashion Creation, Design & Systems Innovation – New York – 25-30 January 2020

- Part 4 - Luxury & Fashion in the Digital Era – Shanghai – 15-20 March 2021

- Part 5 – The Wholesale Model – Geneva & Paris – 17-22 May 2021

- Part 6 – Managing the Value Chain – Rome & Florence – 21-26 June 2021

- Part 7 – Customer Experience & the New Frontiers in Luxury & Fashion – Paris – 13-18 September 2021

More information on the program, terms of enrolment and fees at

Interested by ESSEC Executive Education’s programsESSEC Alumni’s lifetime members (click here to become one) get a 20 % discount and a special package including free counseling and access to an online Masterclass ! More informations on the programs, terms of enrolment and fees at

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