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ESSEC Professors in Global Voice Issue #11

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The #11 issue of Global Voice is out! Read articles and insights by ESSEC professors in this magazine published by the Council on Business & Society (CoBS), a global alliance of leading business schools – including ESSEC – dedicated to promoting responsible leadership. 

This special issue about Responsible Leadership & Sustainable Business Practices seems timelier than ever, as it coincides with the latest surge in interest and events surrounding CSR and Sustainability. There is an increased awareness worldwide about climate change and the consequent urge for concrete action. It is also clear that companies have to take a major role in this effort.

Consequently, Global Voice brings you a collection of already-published and new research-based articles, all of them proposing practical elements for managers, students, and colleagues at large. The issue includes a section on “Management & Leadership”, featuring articles on leadership ethics, employee wellbeing, leadership and sustainability, and another one on “Business & Workplace Practices” with articles on whistleblowing, talent management and sustainable investing, among others. It features articles from ESSEC professors Stefan Gröschl, Valery Yacubovich, Adrian Zicari, Arijit Chatterjee, and Aarti Ramaswami.

Download Global Voice Issue #11!

For further information, contact Tom Gamble, Council Communication and International Projects Manager at ESSEC Business School:

Illustration : © Alena Koval from Pexels        

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