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ESSEC Women Alumni Launches a New Mentoring Program in the UK & Ireland

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The Paris-based mentoring scheme EWA Boost’ - which aims to step up female success in the workplace - is launching in the UK & Ireland. Register here before 5 February!

As of today, women in the workplace are still facing significant hurdles compared to their male counterparts - whether when raising money as a founder, convincing senior management of their leadership skills, balancing their personal and professional life, or even seeing their work rewarded with fair pay… And ESSEC’s alumnae are no exception. 

This is why Christine Malpart (E87), President of EWA, decided to launch the EWA Boost’ mentoring programme. “In my experience as a professional coach, I could see how the glass ceiling was just as much an objective external limit, linked to [...] (un)conscious collective and individual norms, as it is an internal limit, linked to forms of self-censorship, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.” 

Since 2015, the programme has enabled more than 100 mentees to significantly accelerate their career, to successfully expatriate or return to their country, to join boards and/or to create businesses. Originally set up in Paris, the EWA team has decided to expand this successful programme outside France, starting in UK & Ireland early next year.

Who can apply?

EWA Boost' UK & Ireland is open to female ESSEC graduates: 

- with an ESSEC Alumni yearly or lifelong membership

- wishing for a boost in their professional career (no minimum experience required)

- living and working in the UK or Ireland

Register your interest before 5 February and stay in the loop of the selection process by filling this form!

Any queries, please get in touch with the EWA UK team at

Follow EWA and EWA Boost’ on social media:

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