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Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

0000 à Aujourd'hui

I am still studying in Hangzhou Foreign Languages School, one of the best high school in China, and will get my high school diploma in 2020. I was enrolled in 2014, which means I got both my junior secondary education and high school education in this high school.

Youth Leadership Initiative

HEC Paris

0000 à Aujourd'hui

I participated in the Youth Leadership Initiative in 2019. By learning there, I have learned and improved a lot of critical working abilities and skills.
In HEC Paris, I made a good use of the tolerant and comprehensive environment for all the thoughts and ideas. Even if I only have 1% agreement on others' statements, I will say "yes, and" to build my opinions on that 1%, instead of saying "no." As a leader, I encouraged everyone to be open-minded and dare to express ourselves. As a result, we learned a lot from others, from different mindsets.
Also, I believe it is part of the lessons to learn from different values and set up our cross-cultural ones. Because everyone is so passionate and concerned about social issues, I decided to form conversations even after the program ended. At last, I always combine different ideas and come up with a recommended solution. Being solution-oriented is necessary for a leader, in my opinion.
I got a scholarship and a certificate in the program.

Cambridge Educational Programme

University of Cambridge

0000 à Aujourd'hui

My research was mainly about William Shakespeare's social impacts on the whole society, especially on people's values.
Partly, the researches are about the development of dramas, as the assistant of the administrator and the leader of our group, I came up with the idea to do some interviews with local directors and actors. Fortunately, the discussions with the director of Cambridge's ADC Theatre and the actors of The Merry Wives of Windsor went smoothly. Besides, we had to summarize every day's research. There was a tremendous amount of work, but we cooperated with high efficiency by assigning different parts to different members. Moreover, I advised our group to perform a short play when presenting our academical outcomes in the end, which won applause and cheers.
In Cambridge, I developed multiple abilities and have gained a better understanding of how liberal arts can have an impact on people's values, which led me to my following experience.
I got the certificate of the programme.


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President/ Chief Executive Officer


Principal co-founder

Phantom Drama Festival

Chief Cultural Officer & Art Director

Hangxing Voyage

Member of Public Relations Department

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ESSEC – BBA (ex EPSCI) – 2020 – Cergy


Chinois - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Français - Technique