How Can Luxury Brands and Luxury Retailers Navigate post-COVID-19?

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Join us for the upcoming ESSEC Global MBA Masterclass, where Prof. Denis Morisset will talk about how luxury brands and retailers can navigate post-COVID-19?

During this Masterclass, Prof. Morisset will share his insights and research expertise on the possible medium to long-term consequences of COVID-19 within the luxury industry. He will elaborate on the likely impact of the pandemic, and the way luxury brands and retailers should operate in China/Asia to cater to the new normal and leverage on Chinese and Asian consumers' evolving behaviors.


The discussion will expand on:

- Impact on the luxury & travel industry and its road to recovery

- The new normal for luxury clients purchasing behavior

- Possible changes in luxury habits and behaviors of Gen Y & Z in China/Asia

- Luxury brands to “localize” more their product development/digital marketing/retail 

- How to leverage on live-streaming & short videos in the luxury retail industry

- The future of Chinese luxury consumption

- Understanding the current “premiumization” trend in China

- The likely rise of Chinese/Asian premium luxury brands

Join us on

Date: Thursday, 10 December

Time: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (UTC +8)


About the speaker

Prof. Denis Morisset worked for 25 years in the luxury fashion industry (Ralph Lauren, Pierre Balmain, Giorgio Armani, etc.). In 2004, he started a new career as a luxury marketing professor at ESSEC Business School (Paris and Singapore), specializing in luxury brand management, luxury distribution and retail, luxury service, and luxury guest experience. Based in China six months per year, Prof. Morisset is also a visiting professor in ESSEC's partner business schools in Beijing, Shanghai, and HK.

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