How will the US-China Relationship Impact Global Commerce with ASEAN?

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ESSEC - FCCS Leadership Series: Geopolitical Risks and Vulnerabilities: How will the US-China Relationship Impact Global Commerce with ASEAN                            

As trade tensions between the U.S. and China persist, observers are seeing ASEAN countries as potential winners of this trade war, with many companies expected to shift at least some of their activities out of China.

Join our panelists as they share perspectives and discuss the real & possible effects of this protracted stand-off on ASEAN. This discussion will focus on 3 main questions:

Will the US-China trade war:

- Force ASEAN countries to choose between their main trade partner (China) and their main security partner (the U.S. – for some ASEAN countries)?

- Drive ASEAN to further strengthen cooperation within its membership and present a more united front to China and the US?

- Divert investments from China to ASEAN and consequently result in ASEAN countries benefitting more from increased adoption of a China + 1 strategy?

This talk will be moderated by Cedomir Nestorovic, Geopolitics Professor, ESSEC Business School and Academic Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific.

About the panelists :

- Jerome Roux - Executive Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific Region at ST Microelectronics Asia Pacific 

- Pascal Lambert – Group Country Head for Singapore, Head of South East Asia and India at Societe Generale

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