Masterclass Executive MBA "Decision making"

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Private Talk with Emre Soyer

Decision making - Deceived by experience: Learning the right lessons to improve decisions

Join the ESSEC EMBA participants for an exceptional evening with Emre Soyer, entrepreneur and behavioural scientist

In business and life, experience is deemed essential for an accurate understanding of the world. We often feel confident and at ease with experience based decisions. We want leaders with outstanding track records and managers who have worked in relevant fields. Yet experience can be filtered or distorted in a wide variety of ways, reinforcing misperceptions instead of eliminating them, without us being aware. By recognising this fundamental problem, we can design mechanisms that would help us and our organizations learn the right lessons from experience and improve their decision outcomes.

Evening program

>18:30 - Welcome and introduction with the Executive MBA team
>19:00 - MasterClass with Emre Soyer
>20:00 - Networking cocktail

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About Emre Soyer, PhD
Dr. Soyer is a behavioural scientist and entrepreneur, conducting training and consulting projects on strategic and creative decision making. He has collaborated both with international business schools (incl. INSEAD, TUM, SDA Bocconi, St. Gallen, Cass London) and companies from different sectors (incl. Google, Amazon, Accenture, ING, BBVA, EY, Pfizer, Turkish Airlines, TBWA). He has also co-founded and managed multiple social enterprises. Beyond his scholarly work, he has written for Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review. He is co-authoring a non-fiction book on learning from experience to be published in New York and distributed worldwide in 2020.

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