ESSEC Alumni in India is a 180-strong network of graduates from different programs. These Alumni are largely concentrated across metro cities such as  Delhi (North India), Mumbai (West India), Bangalore (South India), and hence we have organized ourselves into regional chapters to be more efficient and effective. The strongest contingent of the alumni network is the IMHI Alumni which has over 120 members since 1983 and includes some of the senior most hospitality professionals in the country. The network has been growing at a steady pace of 4 to 6 alumni each year as a greater number of alumni return to work in India. In addition, there is a large pool of exchange/double-degree students from the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and also a strong and increasing presence of expatriates currently working in India.

ESSEC and IMHI Alumni India  together form a diverse group engaged  in various careers such as – Hospitality, Entertainment, Manufacturing, IT, Fashion, Luxury, Education, Administration, Marketing, etc. serving at all levels of the corporate pyramid. The network is pretty active in organising joint Get Together’s amongst its members in various geographies of India. The network holds meetings in regional chapters for networking and discussions, and also tries to coincide these meetings with the visit of ESSEC delegates from Paris/Singapore to take advantage of their presence and to share the latest updates.

The diversity of the group and their varied experiences provide us an opportunity to discuss several facets and stay abreast on multiples topics. For instance, there are times when senior members talk about how their career path grew from good to great, while on the other hand there are fresh graduates who talk about their struggle to land their first work opportunity. One of the highlights remain that several ESSEC and IMHI Alumni have ventured in their own start-ups and and it is always interesting to see their increasing confidence and growth in each gathering.

One of the challenges that the network addresses is the awareness of brand ESSEC in India. The network is sure that with the Singapore campus, the right support and a proactive approach, ESSEC will soon enjoy top-of-the-mind recall in the Indian corporate world, offering greater opportunities to its graduates and alumni. The Indian alumni is eager to integrate with the ESSEC community at large and to support the school to its fullest potential.