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COVID-19: 2 ESSEC Alumni Report From Sweden




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Sweden made an exception in Europe by not imposing confinement. Alain Demairé (B00) and Alexis Labarre (M09), President and Vice-President of ESSEC Alumni’s Sweden Chapter, explain how it has been working so far.

ESSEC Alumni: What is the current situation in Sweden? 

Alain Demairé: Sweden made an exception in Europe by not imposing confinement. It meant that all who had to go out and work could do so as long as they respected distancing. Generally Swedes obeyed and worked from home as this has been a common practice for decades in the country. Hugs and handshakes disappeared though.

Alexis Labarre: Throughout the crisis, authorities have relied a lot on self-responsibility. They set recommendations to be followed rather than implementing coercive action. Main measures consisted in supporting companies with furlough.

EA: How does this situation impact you?

A. Demairé: As everywhere, we avoid rush hours when getting out to shops, we are turning to home delivery for food supply…

A. Labarre: Pre-schools remained open, therefore the main impact for me has been the implementation of smart working from home for the last few months.

EA: How is the post-crisis period shaping up in your country?

A. Demairé: Politically the government will have to tune the management of old people housing. There is a strong guiltiness feeling among the population. Economically, a lot of companies are suffering from cash flow shortage. Restructuring will happen.

A. Labarre: Post-crisis still looks like crisis time. The outlook for us is to do smart working until August.

EA: What news from the local ESSEC community in this context?

A. Demairé: We keep going and have the ambition to meet regularly again in June!

Interview by Veary Ngy, International  Community Manager at ESSEC Alumni, and Louis Armengaud Wurmser (E10), Content Manager at ESSEC Alumni

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Image : © marcelkessler at Pixabay

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