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Here are the pictures of the ESSEC Gala in Dubai!

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Gurwan Le Gac (B12) organized the very first ESSEC Gala in the United Arab Emirates with the help of Stéphanie Moret (C10), Lamia Berrahma (E12) et Benoit Honnart (M07).

The Gala took place on the roof of high-end hotel Sofitel Downtown in Dubai.

More than 50 alumni attended the event. In all, there are more than 125 alumni in the United Arab Emirates, working in hospitality, consulting, finance and luxury. 

Gurwan Le Gac gave an inspiring speech. He paid a tribute to Romain Chomel de Jarnieu (E08) who recently died in action in Mali and reminded the attendants that they could always rely on ESSEC Alumni and access its services and network anywhere in the world. 

Laëtitia de Chabot flew all the way to Dubai to attend the event and give the guests the latest news about the ESSEC Foundation.   

A dream setting for a dream party !

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